All In A Day’s Work

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During Hurricane Irma, 1,300 Pinellas residents sought shelter at Dunedin Middle School. The Middle School was a special needs shelter with some of the refugees seeking shelter needing oxygen and other medical supplies.

Clint Case is the Head Plant Operator at Dunedin Middle and he prepared to keep his building operating for the 1,300 guests who sought safety from the storm. Meanwhile, the Head Plant Operator at Dunedin Elementary, Rob Zayas received a call on Friday that his building would be used a shelter and he would have to have it ready for occupants by 6:00am Saturday morning.

Rob Zayas and Clint Case braved the elements running to ensure the Dunedin El guests were safe and again, during the heart of the storm running to Dunedin Middle to change out a compressor providing much needed power and extending the oxygen supply for those guests whose safety relied on it.  These men went above and beyond the call of duty and worked four straight days with little or no sleep.

Principal Mike Vasallo stated that Clint Case “went above and beyond his job requirements, by braving the elements to problem solve and protect the safety of our guests.”

In times of crisis, we are fortunate to see the best in people rise to the surface. This is certainly true of Clint and Rob, Pinellas County School’s heroic Plant Operators.