Collective Bargaining Agreement

By Don Manly, Membership Services Director

We have had some questions recently about teacher facilities.  Article 26 of the PCTA-PCSB Collective Bargaining Agreement (THE CONTRACT) entitled:  Teacher Facilities and Materials addresses this area.
Here are a few highlights of that article.  For more complete information, refer to our website at:  You will find our entire contract as well as a lot of other helpful information to include cost saving benefits.
Each teacher shall be provided space (e.g.; closets, file cabinets, storage container, desk) in which they may safely store instructional materials and supplies.  Secure storage space shall be provided for traveling teachers.
A separate dining space shall be provide for the use of teachers at each building in which lunchroom facilities are provided for students.  If this is not practical within existing facilities, an adequate number of separate table shall be reserved for use of teachers.
A space shall be provided for all school personnel where confidential conversations may be held.  Teachers shall be allowed the use of a school phone that will provide for confidential phone conversations.  Use of phone shall be limited to school business, Association business and personal business of an emergency nature.
A teacher work area shall be provided.  Adequate equipment and supplies to aid in the preparation of instructional materials will be available.
Where possible, an appropriately furnished room for use as a teacher’s lounge shall be provided.  Said room is to be in addition to the above-referenced workroom.  In all new construction, a separate workroom and lounge shall be provided.
Adequate materials, including computers ad equivalent access to technology, required in daily teaching responsibility shall be provided.
A copy of both the teacher’s textbook and the electronic version of that manual used in each course subject shall be provided.
An adequate portion of the parking lot at each school building where parking lots exist will be reserved for teacher parking at no charge.
The Board and the Association agree that a functioning two-way communication system is essential in areas where the safety and health of teachers and students may be affected.